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Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church


Worship Times
Sundays at 7:30a.m., 11:00a.m., and 6:00p.m. (6 pm Service is held in the Youth Church. Corner of Hunter St. and W. Peachtree St.)
5th Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Only

A Lighthouse Church...

We are a Lighthouse Church where there is love, compassion and inspiration for all who enter.

At Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church (HMBC), we are committed to teaching the uncompromised word of God and worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth.  Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church has a dynamic, spirit-filled worship service.  The Word of God is the highest priority, and it is proclaimed with power and conviction each and every Sunday morning. 

Our Mission Statement and Vision:

The Mission of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is to:

    • Fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in helping people become fully functioning followers of Christ
    • Teach the tenets of Christianity
    • Equip  believers for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave them (Ephesians 4:11-16)
    • Obey the task that has been given to us by God as a beacon of salvation living out transformational grace through His Son Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:16)

About Bishop William L. Sheals:
Spirit-filled teacher, great visionary, loving, and dedicated are all words that adequately describe this great man of God, Bishop William Sheals. "Papa Sheals", as he's known by his flock, because of the fatherly, AGAPE love and compassion that he shows toward each of his members, is the senior pastor of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Norcross, GA. Bishop Sheals, a Lakeland, FL native, came to Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in May 1980. Under his direction and leadership, Hopewell grew from a small rural church to a suburban mega church. Bishop Sheals is extremely grateful to God for blessing this great union of pastor and church for 30 years, which is rarely heard of in today's religious communities. 

In 1990, God gave Bishop Sheals a great vision of transforming a 32 acre junkyard, into a beautiful complex where God would be glorified. He wrote the vision and printed it for all to see. After much prayer and hard work, this great vision began to manifest in 1992. Today this awesome community is known as the "City of Hope" which houses a Child Development Center, Youth Center, Senior Citizen Center and Adult Fitness Center. It also has a mall area which has a beauty & barber salon. The mall also has an employment service called "Hope for the Future." However, it doesn't stop there. The City of Hope also has a fully accredited 500 capacity Christian Academy, where children from K4 - 12th grade are educated. The campus also boasts an accredited Bible College. 

Bishop Sheals is an overly generous giver which is evident in his personal ministry, "Preparing for the Mission". This is an inreach, outreach ministry that provides spiritual, physical, and financial aid and development to Christians who need extra assistance above and beyond what they receive from the church or the community. This ministry is near and dear to his heart, because he truly has a heart for the well being of God's people.

Bishop Sheals is indeed a great under shepherd for the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. The fact that he's an awesome effective teacher is evident in the 179 sons and daughters that he's reared and trained in the ministry. And 12 who now pastor their own congregations. He is also very well respected nationally and internationally in both the Christian and non-Christian communities. In April 2007, God's favor again enveloped this man of God as he was consecrated Bishop and Overseer for The Light House Ministries. Founded in 2006, The Light House Ministries is a non-profit ministry established to mentor, train and equip Pastors for Pastoral ministry. The Light House Ministries is committed to preparing Pastors and core leadership both locally and abroad with Biblical precepts in Church Leadership and Congregational Nurturing.

Bishop Sheals has written over 7 inspirational books and has received numerous awards and honors such as the Presidential Special Citizens Award for "Founding Director of Ministers Against Drugs" in 1989, Founding president of the N. Metro 100 Black Men in 1993, recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Award in 1999, and Who's Who in Black America in 2002, and most recently Bishop Sheals received the Gwinnett County NCCAP Lifetime Achievement Award. He is currently serving as Ambassador of Reconciliation and Goodwill for Israel and is also acknowledged in History Maker's African American History Archive. He is also the founder and CEO of 500 Men of Valor LLC and Ministry and the International spokesmen for the Global Peace Movenement.

Bishop Sheals is fun-loving and conservative with an incredible sense of humor. He is happily married to his beautiful wife, and helpmate Patricia. Bishop Sheals is the father of son Ryan a successful Real Estate Broker in Indianapolis, IN. A beautiful daughter Ari, who is preparing to attend the University of Texas San Antonio in the fall, and a handsome athletic 10 year old grandson Sha-Quan in Lakeland Florida.

Even with all of the great accomplishments that Bishop Sheals has received, his ultimate goal is salvation for all. Just as Jesus said, "It is not his desire that any man should perish." He has and will continue to do his part to win souls for the kingdom and encourage all to "Walk in Authority".

Website: www.hmbchurch.net 

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